The magic of pulling together: 2021 in review - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

The magic of pulling together: 2021 in review

A black bear looks up and is surrounded by foliage
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Celebrating collective conservation success across the Yellowstone to Yukon region

In late 2021, a newly published paper asked, “Can a large-landscape conservation vision contribute to achieving biodiversity targets?”

Reviewing 25 years of conservation progress in the Yellowstone to Yukon region, the paper’s answer was a resounding “yes!”

We’re thrilled to share there has been an 80.5 percent increase in overall protection since the Y2Y vision was first shared in 1993. Read more at

This success is thanks to people like you who support, share and help realize the Y2Y vision, and advance these collaborative efforts. Together, we are implementing local, regional and global solutions — at a time when a time when society most needs to unite and heal. This is the magic of pulling together and reflects the momentum of a busy year.

Staff at Y2Y prioritize project areas and activities based on threats and barriers to connectivity, timely opportunities, and understanding where our niche expertise and capacity can truly make a difference.

Your support is integral to this success

In 2021, thanks to our generous donors and funders, we spent US$3.36 million bringing our large landscape vision steps closer to being realized.

And because we believe in deep collaboration and authentic partnership, that included distributing $799,383 to partners furthering the Yellowstone to Yukon vision across the 3,400 kilometers (2,100 miles) that make up the region to enable people and nature to thrive.

Some of the important conservation wins that your support of Y2Y and its partners in 2021 made possible:

53,000 sq km (20,463 sq miles) of Alberta’s Eastern Slopes given a reprieve from coal mining, with the possibility of permanent protections

Work to protect >56,000 sq km (21,000 sq mi) of First Nations’ territories underway: Y2Y is supporting several partners to realize their conservation visions

21,000 of you standing up for nature – protecting Alberta and B.C.’s headwater landscapes and wildlife corridors against threats from coal mining to inappropriate development, and supporting new protections for caribou through an expansion for the Klin-se-za Protected Area in B.C.’s Peace region

165,000 people learning about the large landscape needs of species from wolverines to mountain caribou, through a series of 5 short films on the Upper Columbia region, and the feature-length Caribou Homeland

3 grizzly bear movement areas in Montana being strengthened through conservation easements and land acquisition, including adding an additional 80 acres (32 hectares) near Noxon, MT, to help grizzly bears move between the Cabinet, Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges

Logging deferred across 70 sq km (27 sq mi) of B.C.’s rare old-growth forest in the Yellowstone to Yukon region

Visits to Washington State’s Colville National Forest made safer through the installation of 37 bear-proof food lockers (17 in 2021) in camping areas, to keep bears away from human food and out of conflicts that may prove fatal

Knowledge of wolverines deepened in western Canada through analysis of data collected from 170 sites across 50,000 sq km (19,305 sq mi), including 1.4M remote camera photos and 2,200 hair snags in partnerships with Wolverine Watch, Universities of Calgary and Montana, and Parks Canada

13 wildlife crossings and fencing projects in progress across the region to help wide-roaming wildlife cross busy roads and avoid collisions with people in vehicles

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Explore the 2021 Impact Report

Read more details on key successes and impacts made together in the 2021 Impact Report.

Communities create conservation progress

The Yellowstone to Yukon region spans the Yukon and Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta in Canada; Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming in the U.S.; and the territories of at least 75 Indigenous groups.

It is only together we can accomplished conservation progress on a scale that matters to nature. Every project we outline in this report is only made possible by support from donors and funders, collaboration with partners, and the advocacy and action of community members.

Depending on timing, location and opportunity, our role in projects varies. Each project has an impact not only locally but regionally, and your support is an integral part of these successes. This collaborative work helps communities and wildlife thrive, advances conservation work, inspires advocacy and policy changes, and more.

In partnership with many groups including but not limited to non-governmental organizations, communities, Indigenous governments and entities, land trusts, biologists, ranchers and more collectively we have accomplished the following together in 2021.

Read our 2021 impact report to explore additional highlights and successes, along with insights into some of our challenges and lessons learned. This map represents a selection of the projects that are already making a difference on the ground and through policy and advocacy work:

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Map locations are approximate. Additional projects supported by partner grants in northern B.C. and Yukon in 2021 were delayed due to COVID-19 and will be reported when complete.


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