Your success has been undeniable when it comes to advancing the Y2Y vision in this year.

Thank you for your help in our mission of protecting and connecting habitat so that people and nature can thrive.

This year, why not take part in a new way? There are so many options: Advocate on a campaign, donate, follow us on social media or sign up for newsletters. You’ll be in good company!

Double your donation with employer gift matching

Matching gift programs at your workplace could result in a doubled donation — a benefit that applies to both U.S. and Canadian employees. To get started, contact your HR department or research your company’s matching gift information.  

“Raising money for protecting wildlife, wild lands and water is near and dear to my heart, which is why I hosted a fundraiser where friends and family donated to Y2Y if I didn’t drink alcohol for a whole month. Giving up wine for a month wasn’t easy, but it sure helped knowing it was for a good cause, and now my friends and family support a cause I believe in!” 

— Robin F., Alberta, Y2Y supporter since 2017

Organize a fundraiser in honor of Y2Y

Instead of a birthday or holiday gift, ask friends to donate in your honor to us. Why stop there? Host a virtual event or set up a challenge for yourself and collect donations for Y2Y. 

“I love caribou. It’s been distressing to see the uncertain future these animals face in some parts of the Yellowstone to Yukon region. Showing a film about the tragic story of caribou was a great way for me to share Y2Y’s work with my family and friends and inspire them to get involved.”

— Sue M., Montana. Y2Y supporter since 2012

Make your shopping count

Beyond direct donations, there are many other ways to include us in your everyday errands. Programs such as ATB Cares and 1% for the Planet are ways to give back while you’re doing your shopping, at no extra cost to you. 

Follow us on social media

Share, like and comment on our various social media channels. Find us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.  

Share our story with a friend, colleague or neighbor

Tell a friend, neighbor or co-worker about Y2Y, and why you support us. This simple gesture holds more weight than you might think.  

Header photo: Scott Rulander