Y2Y works with many partners on projects throughout the Yellowstone to Yukon region. 

Thanks to these partnerships and our network of collaborators, we are able to work in coalitions, lead projects or provide support in the following ways on various projects:  

  • Deliver credible, accessible science and knowledge through creating, commissioning, synthesizing and communicating it; 
  • Strengthen partners and networks by providing capacity support that includes building relationships and solutions, funding, convening, and providing strategic support; 
  • Inspire and mobilize influencers, including individuals and communities, to take action on conservation issues, through sharing the Y2Y vision, organizing, advocating, and creating replicable models;  
  • Work in a targeted way across four scales: local, regional, national and global, addressing both bottom-up and top-down levers to advance conservation. 


Together with our partners, we’re engaged in the following projects to help connect and protect habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon. This selection represents a sample of the various current and past projects.


United States:

Header photo: Kelly Zenkewich