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Researcher kneeling by caribou laying in snow in maternal pen

Giving B.C.’s caribou a fighting chance

Dr. Clayton Lamb received a two-year Liber Ero post-doctoral fellowship to work on the recovery of the Central Group of southern mountain caribou in B.C.’s Peace Region. Read more on how he will work closely with First Nations partners, Y2Y, Wildlife Infometrics, and government to support recovery efforts.

Remote wildlife camera in Alberta

Eyes in the field

Learn about a safe and non-intrusive way Y2Y scientists and partners monitor and track the movements of animals of all sizes.

Learning from a leader in conservation: Dr. Aerin Jacob

Today, in her role as Y2Y’s conservation scientist, Dr. Aerin Jacob works with other scientists, decision-makers, and communities across the Yellowstone to Yukon region and beyond. Her journey as a leader in science and conservation did, however, start long before her time with Y2Y.