Connecting and protecting habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon so people and nature can thrive.

We believe in hope for people and nature

The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative is a joint Canada-U.S. not-for-profit organization and the only organization dedicated to securing the long-term ecological health of this entire region.

Our vision is an interconnected system of wild lands and waters stretching from Yellowstone to Yukon, harmonizing the needs of people with those of nature.

Our Work

Our conservation initiatives span a variety of goals as well as the entirety of the region in which we work. Learn more about what we do, where we work and our current projects.

Forward, together

Everything Y2Y does, we do with our partners — more than 400 since we began in 1993.

From other conservation groups, local landowners, businesses, government agencies, Indigenous communities, scientists, or others, partners are the force behind the Yellowstone to Yukon vision.

You are an essential part of that work — find out how you can help.

Our Impact Since 1993

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Latest news and updates

Seeing solutions for human-bear conflict in Yukon

Seeing solutions for human-bear conflict in Yukon

The easier it is to understand where, why and how an interaction between a bear and human happened, the easier it can be to work towards solutions that reduce the frequency of these situations. See how one of our 2019 partner grantees is telling a visual story about these interactions.

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