We’re proud of our relationships with our donors and appreciate their support. Hear what they have to say about why they support Y2Y’s mission and work, and why they believe in the power of a big, bold vision for nature and people living in harmony with the natural world.

Bob, Alberta

“I’ve left a legacy gift because I’m able to. In our own small world, sometimes we have an opportunity to do something more.”

Jeremy G., Ontario

“I love Y2Y for the sheer scale of its vision. Its size forces us to rethink what it means to care about and live with nature.”

Charlotte, Montana

“I’ve made a legacy pledge to Y2Y, because I know that you’ll take care of a lot of smaller organizations and community projects. I love what you do.”

John M., Montana

“It gives me hope that there are organizations such as Y2Y that are focused on preserving the nature world and wilderness areas. Unless we preserve them today, they’re not going to be available to anyone going forwards.”

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