Exploring the Hart range of northern British Columbia. Image: Tristan Brand
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Our Progress

What Progress Looks Like - Protected Land

(Enjoy this Y2Y 8-minute video that highlights the Yellowstone to Yukon Vision and its 20 years of progress.)

Since the Yellowstone to Yukon vision took hold in 1993, some 300 partner groups have joined forces to connect and protect this stunning landscape so people and nature can thrive. Progress over the past 20 years is astounding.

(To see how the landscape has changed, use your cursor to move the white line.)

Since 1993, the actions of Y2Y and partners have increased protected areas* from 11 to 21 percent within the Yellowstone to Yukon region, while better management practices have improved conservation** across an additional 30 percent of lands.

These areas are critical in ensuring functional wildlife corridors that connect protected landscapes and allow wildlife to roam. Y2Y is consulting with its partners to determine that the land represented on this map is being managed to support connectivity and that the list is fulsome.

Read on to see how grizzly bears have responded to conservation efforts and to see what Y2Y has achieved with its partners.

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How grizzly bears have responded to conservation efforts

What Y2Y has achieved with its partners

* Lands represented as ‘protected’ in both maps include: Canadian National Parks and Reserves, Alberta Wilderness Areas, Alberta Wilderness Parks, Alberta Provincial Parks, B.C. Provincial Parks, B.C. Conservancies, B.C. Ecological Reserves, NWT Parcels of Conservation Interest, Yukon Territorial Parks, Yukon Wilderness Preserves, Yukon Peel River Protected Areas, U.S. National Parks, U.S. Wilderness and U.S. National Monuments.

**Other Conservation Designations include: Provincial Natural Areas, Recreation Areas, High Conservation Value Forests, Special Management Zones, Territorial Conservation Zones, Natural Environment Parks, Restricted Use Wilderness Areas, U.S. Grizzly Bear Recovery Zones, National Recreation Areas and Rivers, Roadless Rule Lands, National Wild and Scenic Rivers, USFS Administrative Designations and Private Conservancy Lands.