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Forever Wild:
Legacies and Planned Gifts

A pathway through aspen trees in the summertime

A gift to Y2Y in your will or estate plan connects and protects the wild landscapes and wildlife that you love, forever.

Leaving a legacy gift is a lasting way of ensuring a personal impact, and an opportunity to safeguard the wildlife and beautiful landscapes you love into the future. It will link you forever to enduring efforts to protect and connect the most intact remaining mountain ecosystem on the planet.

Supporters like you are the bedrock of Y2Y, and we are honored you are considering leaving a legacy gift in our care when the time is right for you.

Where do you start?

Creating a legacy gift is a thoughtful process that will benefit from professional advice. A financial adviser can help you determine how best to look after you and your loved ones’ needs and priorities, and approximately how much you may be able to pass on to a charity like Y2Y and how.

A lawyer can help you to create or update your will or plans. We recommend that you discuss your intention to include a legacy gift with both your financial adviser and your lawyer.

We have a practical guide to giving just for you that may help with the steps you need to take, along with a copy of our gift acceptance policy.

This intact landscape is so important — it’s a gift. We absolutely have to preserve it for future generations, to do whatever we can to enable it to survive, especially with so many people coming to mountain communities now.

Sue M., Montana

I love Y2Y for the sheer scale of its vision. Its size forces us to rethink what it means to care about and live with nature.

Jeremy G., Ontario
Family of grizzlies walk through the snow

I’ve made a legacy pledge to Y2Y, because I know that you’ll take care of a lot of smaller organizations and community projects. I love what you do.

Charlotte, Montana
Alberta wolf

I’ve left a legacy gift because I’m able to. In our own small world, sometimes we have an opportunity to do something more.

Bob, Alberta

It gives me hope that there are organizations such as Y2Y that are focused on preserving the nature world and wilderness areas. Unless we preserve them today, they’re not going to be available to anyone going forwards.

John M., Montana

Standing on a summit above the tree line, feeling the wildness and its beauty, you realize how small and vulnerable you are — the power of nature. It gives you perspective. As a teacher, I know what a benefit it would be if every kid could have this type of exposure.

Nick, Massachusetts

My employer offered the staff a life insurance policy and we could name the beneficiary. In considering the beneficiary, we decided to name Y2Y, because it was life insurance we didn’t expect to have and we felt our family would benefit with Y2Y as beneficiary as much as themselves.

Stephen, Louisiana

A planned gift is a charitable gift made now that goes to a cause you love in the future. It includes giving through bequests but can be any gift that requires more forethought and preparation. Here’s how planned giving works: A donor generally makes a contribution from their assets or estate, rather than from their current income. The donor receives income and tax benefits from their immediate gift, while the actual benefit to charity is deferred to a future time, usually upon the death of the donor or the donor’s successor. Planned gifts are usually made in consultation with financial and legal professionals.

There are many ways to give, ranging from simple bequests to trusts and beyond. See our information sheet for more.

Did you know you could support the landscapes and wildlife you love forever and receive up to a $10,000 tax credit? Learn more about the Montana endowment tax credit.

Our director of donor relations, Renée Krysko, shares a few reasons in this blog post: Supporting nature’s needs.

If you’ve already named Y2Y in your will or intend to, please let us know by filling out this confidential pledge. The information in this pledge is not legally binding. It simply helps us ensure that we understand the legacy you wish to leave so that we can fulfill that wish as you envisioned.

Aspens are striking trees that grow throughout the Rockies, providing nourishment for wildlife. The extensive root systems that connect them underground make them amazingly resilient, even in the face of challenges like wildfires. An aspen stand in North America is one of the world’s oldest and largest living organisms.

our promise to you

Thank you for your trust and confidence in Y2Y.

Here is our promise to you:

  • We know that making a will is a very personal and sensitive matter. We respect your trust and your privacy.
  • We understand that your loved ones always come first, and we encourage you to involve them in your decisions. We also encourage you to discuss your choices with a financial adviser and lawyer.
  • We respect and embrace diversity, and people from different life paths, with a rich array of beliefs and experiences.
  • We are proud of our effectiveness and efficiency, and we will work hard to ensure your gift has the highest impact. We will handle your gift with integrity and professionalism.
  • We have the utmost respect for you and your wishes. That includes whether or not you would like to be recognized for your gift and the level of contact you would like with us.

Ready to start or have more questions?

For more information or a chat, you can reach out to Renée Krysko, director of donor relations (ext. 105), or Claire Jarrold, senior director of development (ext. 102) at any time via:

Email at or call toll free at 1-800-966-7920