Support for Y2Y is not limited by geography - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Support for Y2Y is not limited by geography

Georgia is home to coastal marshlands and the Appalachian foothills that spill with gold and red leaves every fall. It’s also more than 2,000 miles (3,200 km) from Yellowstone — the closest part of the Y2Y region to the American South. 

Nutritionist Caroline Dickson has never felt like the distance between her home base in Georgia and the Yellowstone to Yukon region is a barrier to giving monthly donations, though.  

“Even if you can’t be in the mountains to the west, donating is such a wonderful way to keep up-to-date and get involved,” she says.  

From volunteering at Smithsonian’s National Zoo while living in Washington, D.C., to considering a degree studying wildlife at the University of Montana, Dickson has long believed in the importance of conservation.  

She says, “There are so many conservation efforts focusing on just one specific species or umbrella animal, in part because it helps with fundraising, but I love that Y2Y focuses on the whole. Y2Y isn’t just about wildlife or nature. It’s also about communities and people. It’s about the whole thing.”  

When Dickson decided to begin giving to Y2Y a couple of years ago, she didn’t hesitate to become a monthly donor.  

When we asked why she chose the option of monthly donations, she gave a neat analogy: “It’s like being a waitress. If some seasons there’s no money coming in, and other times there’s plenty — it’s really hard to budget with that level of unpredictability. For non-profits it’s the same.”

And it’s not about how much you give, she says. “Round up a few friends. Pay five or 10 dollars a month, whatever you can afford. That may not sound like much, but it’s huge to a non-profit like Y2Y. They can count on that money as a steady and predictable funding source. They can plan for the long-term in their efforts create an interconnected system of wild lands and water.” 

If you’d like to be a monthly donor like Caroline in Georgia, consider joining the Lynx monthly donation program.

Learn more about Lynx and how it honors the important contributions you make to Y2Y.