Jeremy Guth: Planned giving is a gift that is 'Forever Wild' - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Jeremy Guth: Planned giving is a gift that is ‘Forever Wild’

A pathway through aspen trees in the summertime

Leaving your legacy can make a huge difference in our shared future

Nature is a legacy for all to enjoy, now and into the future. There are many ways to contribute including making a Forever Wild legacy or planned gift to Y2Y. Long time board member Jeremy Guth shares some of the reasons he is part of this program:

“I have always been fascinated by nature. I remember staring into ponds as a boy, looking at toads and newts and wondering about their lives. I used to go camping every weekend and loved fishing.

“As a Y2Y board member, I hope to inspire others to consider a gift to the legacy program. We as individuals don’t live forever, but with our help, nature can continue to thrive far beyond our lifetimes. I see a clear parallel between the large landscape scale that Y2Y works at and the span of time that it takes to look after nature. It will take many generations to ensure that we as a species are living in a way that honors and integrates with nature.

“As we nurture our children and loved ones and invest in their lives, we must do the same for nature.

Jeremy Guth, Y2Y board member

“That’s the way my wife, Nina-Marie, and I explain our legacy plans to our family: nature is like another significant member of the family; giving to Y2Y through a legacy gift is about giving both to nature and our kids. I want Y2Y to carry on thriving and doing amazing things — and I like to think that through legacy giving, I’ll be a part of that.”