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Vote for nature: 2020 B.C. election toolkit

BC old-growth forest
The Upper Columbia is home to unique, ancient old-growth forest (Lynn Trinh)

British Columbia’s next provincial election is on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020. 

Make your vote one for nature. The pandemic has highlighted people’s relationship and reliance on nature more than ever before. Speak up for wildlife, people, ancient forests and better connectivity and protection now.  

You can take part in a number of ways, including voting, sending a letter to the editor, signing and sharing petitions and more. Use and share our voter toolkit with some actions to take and questions to pose on three important environmental issues in B.C. Find your riding and candidates at the bottom of the page.

Issue 1: Site C is a boondoggle 

For close to 40 years, the Site C dam on northern B.C.’s Peace River has been an environmental concern. If completed, it would flood more than 100 kilometres of wildlife-rich valley bottom, including some of B.C.’s best farmland.   

Site C’s construction remains years and billions of dollars away from completion. In fact, construction of the earthfill dam itself has not even begun. The project’s estimated total costs have recently been pegged at $12 billion – virtually double what they were when former Premier Gordon Campbell announced the government’s intention to proceed with the project a decade ago. 

Recently, it has become apparent Site C is facing geotechnical instability problems that are likely insurmountable. The foundation problems are so serious that BC Hydro recently rated the health of the project as code ‘red,’ meaning it faces serious financial instability too.  

What’s more, 18 prominent British Columbians with expertise in the energy sector have now called for the project and work to be stopped — including the upcoming diversion of the Peace River for the dam — pending a proper, independent, publicly transparent review. 

The government is throwing good money after bad. This is especially serious during a pandemic when that money will be urgently needed elsewhere, and especially senseless when the alternatives to Site C are far cheaper. 

The prudent course of action — one that respects Indigenous and Treaty rights as well as the interests of all taxpayers and hydro ratepayers — is to immediately suspend all construction activities at the project. 

Why this matters 

Site C will force families and wildlife from their homes, and farmers and ranchers from their land. The impact on the region’s First Nations is incalculable, and the subject of a Supreme Court of Canada challenge by the West Moberly First Nations. These are just a few of the issues related to this boondoggle of a project.  

Take action on Site C  

Consider posing this question to your candidate:

Will you commit to cancelling the unnecessary, costly, and failing Site C dam before the project spirals into even more debt and scandal?  

Issue 2: Old-growth forests on the chopping block 

Our old-growth forests, including those in British Columbia’s globally unique inland temperate rainforest, are extremely productive places that provide important habitat for endangered mountain caribou, wolverine, and grizzly bears, plus a vast array of rare bird and plant life.   

Current forestry rules and regulations under B.C.’s Forest and Range Practices Act are not working to protect the sustainability of these one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, structurally and ecologically complex forests. These old growth trees and unique habitat are ours to keep. We can only keep what we have intact, today.  

Recently a government-appointed panel released its findings in ‘A New Future for Old Forests,’ advice to the B.C. government on how to address some of these issues. Many people engaged in this process, showing that communities care about their forests and want real response from the provincial government on this important resource. Will the next B.C. government listen and act?  

Why this matters 

Make your voice heard this election to protect these ancient giants. The habitat, wildlife and people living in and near the inland temperate rainforest depend on it. Tell B.C. you want strong action to protect our old-growth, including the inland temperate rainforest. 

Take action for old-growth forests 

Consider posing this question to your candidate: 

A recent report found that less than one per cent of the province’s total forest area is truly old-growth forest. Will your party adopt all the recommendations in the independent panel’s recent report, ‘A New Future for Old Forests’? Would you end the unsustainable logging of irreplaceable old growth? 

Issue 3: Protect nature for the future  

B.C. has the greatest biological diversity of any province or territory in Canada and is home to a vast array of wildlife and wild places that inspire.  

Our way of life in B.C. depends on the health of our environment. Yet 1,900 species in British Columbia are threatened with extinction — more than any other jurisdiction in North America. The disappearance of critical habitat is accelerating that loss. The current patchwork of provincial laws and regulations managing wildlife and their habitats has not effectively prevented species loss and decline. 

Also, Canada has committed to protecting 25 per cent of Canada’s land and oceans by 2025, and hitting the 30 per cent mark on both fronts by 2030. 

The next government of British Columbia will need to step up for nature and work with First Nations, local communities, and stakeholders to help meet these targets and protect the incredible nature that we all rely upon.  

Why this matters 

This election is an opportunity to ensure that the next government of British Columbia commits to protecting wild lands and habitat for endangered species.

One way is to support Indigenous-led conservation initiatives and proposals, like the Partnership Agreement signed this year to protect two million acres of caribou habitat in the Peace region. By speaking up, you can help ensure that the wild places, animals and landscapes we all love are conserved for the health and well-being of future generations. 

Take action to protect nature  

Consider posing this question to your candidate:

British Columbia has the greatest biological diversity in Canada, and the most endangered species that are at risk of disappearing forever. The federal government has committed to protecting wild lands and waters: 25 per cent by 2025 and 30 per cent by 2030. As we face the twin crises of climate change and global extinction, will you commit to meeting these targets and standing up for nature? 

Find your candidates

Use the lists below to find the candidates running in your electoral district and email your questions to them:

Abbotsford-MissionAeriol AlderkingChristian Heritage Party of
Abbotsford-MissionPam AlexisBC
Abbotsford-MissionStephen FowlerBC Green
Abbotsford-MissionSimon GibsonBC Liberal
Abbotsford SouthBruce BanmanBC Liberal
Abbotsford SouthAird FlavelleBC Green
Abbotsford SouthInder JohalBC
Abbotsford SouthLaura-Lynn ThompsonChristian Heritage Party of
Abbotsford WestMichael de JongBC Liberal
Abbotsford WestKevin EastwoodBC Green
Abbotsford WestSukhi GillB.C.
Abbotsford WestMichael HenshallConservative
Abbotsford WestPreet RaiBC
Boundary-SimilkameenArlyn GreigWexit BC
Boundary-SimilkameenRoly RussellBC
Boundary-SimilkameenPetra VeintimillaBC Liberal
Burnaby-Deer LakeGlynnis Hoi Sum ChanBC Liberal
Burnaby-Deer LakeMehreen ChaudryBC Green
Burnaby-Deer LakeAnne KangBC
Burnaby-EdmondsTripat AtwalBC Liberal
Burnaby-EdmondsRaj ChouhanBC
Burnaby-EdmondsIqbal ParekhBC Green
Burnaby-LougheedKatrina ChenBC
Burnaby-LougheedTariq MalikBC Liberal
Burnaby-LougheedAndrew WilliamsonBC Green
Burnaby NorthRaymond DongBC Liberal
Burnaby NorthJanet RoutledgeBC
Burnaby NorthNorine ShimBC Green
Cariboo-ChilcotinScott AndrewsBC
Cariboo-ChilcotinLorne DoerksonBC Liberal
Cariboo-ChilcotinDavid LaingBC Green
Cariboo-ChilcotinKatya PotekhinaIndependent
Cariboo NorthScott ElliottBC
Cariboo NorthDouglas GookBC Green
Cariboo NorthCoralee OakesBC Liberal
Cariboo NorthKyle TownsendConservative
ChilliwackTim CooperBC Green
ChilliwackDan CoulterBC
ChilliwackJohn MartinBC Liberal
Chilliwack-KentEli Gagné
Chilliwack-KentJeff HammersmarkBC Green
Chilliwack-KentJason LumIndependentcalled M woods.Lm
Chilliwack-KentKelli PaddonBC
Chilliwack-KentLaurie ThronessBC Liberal
Columbia River-RevelstokeSamson BoyerBC Green
Columbia River-RevelstokeNicole CherletBC
Columbia River-RevelstokeDoug ClovechokBC Liberal
Coquitlam-Burke MountainAdam Bremner-AtkinsBC Green
Coquitlam-Burke MountainFin DonnellyBC
Coquitlam-Burke MountainJoan IsaacsBC Liberal
Coquitlam-MaillardvilleWill DavisBC Liberal
Coquitlam-MaillardvilleSelina RobinsonBC
Coquitlam-MaillardvilleNicola SpurlingBC Green
Courtenay-ComoxGillian AndersonBC Green
Courtenay-ComoxBrennan DayBC Liberal
Courtenay-ComoxRonna-Rae LeonardBC
Cowichan ValleyRob DouglasBC
Cowichan ValleySonia FurstenauBC Green
Cowichan ValleyTanya KaulBC Liberal
Delta NorthRavi KahlonBC
Delta NorthNeema ManralBC Green
Delta NorthJet SunnerBC Liberal
Delta SouthIan PatonBC Liberal
Delta SouthBruce ReidBC
Delta SouthPeter van der VeldenBC Green
Esquimalt-MetchosinMitzi DeanBC
Esquimalt-MetchosinAndy MacKinnonBC Green PartyVOTEMACKINNON@BCGREENS.CA
Esquimalt-MetchosinRJ SenkoBC Liberal
Fraser-NicolaDennis AdamsonIndependent
Fraser-NicolaAaron SumexheltzaBC
Fraser-NicolaJackie TegartBC Liberal
Fraser-NicolaJonah TimmsBC Green
Kamloops-North ThompsonDennis GiesbrechtConservative
Kamloops-North ThompsonSadie HunterBC
Kamloops-North ThompsonThomas MartinBC Green
Kamloops-North ThompsonPeter MilobarBC Liberal
Kamloops-North ThompsonBrandon`
Kamloops-South ThompsonDan HinesBC Green
Kamloops-South ThompsonTodd Graham StoneBC Liberal
Kamloops-South ThompsonAnna ThomasBC
Kelowna-Lake CountryKyle
Kelowna-Lake CountryJohn JanmaatBC Green
Kelowna-Lake CountryJustin KulikBC
Kelowna-Lake CountryNorm LetnickBC Liberal
Kelowna-Lake CountrySilverado Brooks SocratesIndependent
Kelowna-MissionRenee MerrifieldBC Liberal
Kelowna-MissionAmanda PoonBC Green
Kelowna-MissionKrystal SmithBC
Kelowna WestMatt
Kelowna WestSpring HawesBC
Kelowna WestMagee
Kelowna WestBen StewartBC Liberal
Kelowna WestPeter A. TruchBC Green
Kootenay EastTom ShypitkaBC Liberal
Kootenay EastWayne StetskiBC
Kootenay EastKerri WallBC Green
Kootenay WestGlen ByleConservative
Kootenay WestKatrine ConroyBC
Kootenay WestAndrew DuncanBC Green
Kootenay WestCorbin KelleyBC Liberal
Kootenay WestFletcher
Kootenay WestEd
Langford-Juan de FucaGord BairdBC Green
Langford-Juan de FucaKelly DarwinBC Liberal
Langford-Juan de FucaJohn HorganBC
Langford-Juan de FucaTyson Riel StrandlundCommunist Party of
LangleyShelly JanConservative
LangleyBill MasseBC Green
LangleyAndrew MercierBC
LangleyMary PolakBC Liberal
Langley EastMegan DykemanBC
Langley EastAlex
Langley EastMargaret KunstBC Liberal
Langley EastTara ReeveIndependent
Langley EastRyan
Langley EastCheryl WiensBC Green
Maple Ridge-MissionBob D’EithBC
Maple Ridge-MissionChelsa MeadusBC Liberal
Maple Ridge-MissionMatt TrenholmBC Green
Maple Ridge-Pitt MeadowsCheryl AshlieBC Liberal
Maple Ridge-Pitt MeadowsLisa BeareBC
Mid Island-Pacific RimRobert Alexander
Mid Island-Pacific RimGraham
Mid Island-Pacific RimEvan JolicoeurBC Green
Mid Island-Pacific RimJosie OsborneBC
Mid Island-Pacific RimHelen PoonBC Liberal
NanaimoKathleen JonesBC Liberal
NanaimoSheila MalcolmsonBC
NanaimoLia Marie Constance VersaevelBC Green
Nanaimo-North CowichanChris IstaceBC Green
Nanaimo-North CowichanDuck (don) PatersonBC Liberal
Nanaimo-North CowichanDoug RoutleyBC
Nechako LakesMargo MaleyIndependent
Nechako LakesJon RempelLibertarianjon.rempel@libertarian
Nechako LakesJohn RustadBC Liberal
Nechako LakesAnne Marie SamBC
Nechako LakesDan StuartChristian Heritage Party of
Nelson-CrestonBrittny AndersonBC
Nelson-CrestonNicole CharlwoodBC Green PartyVOTECHARLWOOD@BCGREENS.CA
Nelson-CrestonTanya FinleyBC Liberal
New WestminsterLorraine BrettBC Liberal
New WestminsterBenny
New WestminsterCyrus SyBC Green
New WestminsterJennifer WhitesideBC
New WestminsterDonald
North CoastJody
North CoastRoy S Jones JrBC Liberal
North CoastJennifer RiceBC
North IslandMichele BabchukBC
North IslandNorm FaceyBC Liberal
North IslandAlexandra MortonBC Green
North IslandJohn TwiggConservative
North Vancouver-LonsdaleLyn AnglinBC Liberal
North Vancouver-LonsdaleChristopher HakesBC Green
North Vancouver-LonsdaleBowinn MaBC
North Vancouver-SeymourSusie ChantBC
North Vancouver-SeymourHarrison JohnstonBC Green
North Vancouver-SeymourJane ThornthwaiteBC Liberal
North Vancouver-SeymourClayton
Oak Bay-Gordon HeadFlorian CastleCommunist Party of
Oak Bay-Gordon HeadNicole DuncanBC Green
Oak Bay-Gordon HeadRoxanne HelmeBC Liberal
Oak Bay-Gordon HeadMurray RankinBC
Parksville-QualicumRob LyonBC Green
Parksville-QualicumJohn St JohnIndependent
Parksville-QualicumMichelle StilwellBC Liberal
Parksville-QualicumAdam WalkerBC
Peace River NorthTrevor
Peace River NorthDan DaviesBC Liberal
Peace River NorthDanielle MonroeBC
Peace River SouthMike BernierBC Liberal
Peace River SouthKathleen
Peace River SouthCory Grizz LongleyBC
Peace River SouthDorothy Sharon SmithWexit BC
PentictonDan AshtonBC Liberal
PentictonToni BootBC
PentictonTed ShumakerBC Green
Port CoquitlamLewis Clarke
Port CoquitlamMike FarnworthBC
Port CoquitlamErik MintyBC Green
Port CoquitlamMehran ZarghamBC Liberal
Port Moody-CoquitlamBrandon
Port Moody-CoquitlamRick GlumacBC
Port Moody-CoquitlamJohn LatimerBC Green
Port Moody-CoquitlamJames RobertsonBC Liberal
Port Moody-CoquitlamLogan
Powell River-Sunshine CoastKim DarwinBC Green
Powell River-Sunshine CoastNicholas SimonsBC
Powell River-Sunshine CoastSandra Stoddart-HansenBC Liberal
Prince George-MackenzieJoan AtkinsonBC
Prince George-MackenzieCatharine KendallBC Green
Prince George-MackenzieDee KranzChristian Heritage Party of
Prince George-MackenzieMike MorrisBC Liberal
Prince George-MackenzieRaymond
Prince George-ValemountShirley BondBC Liberal
Prince George-ValemountMacKenzie KerrBC Green
Prince George-ValemountLaura ParentBC
Prince George-ValemountSean
Richmond North CentreJaeden Dela TorreBC
Richmond North CentreVernon WangBC Green
Richmond North CentreTeresa WatBC Liberal
Richmond-QueensboroughEarl EinarsonBC Green
Richmond-QueensboroughJas JohalBC Liberal
Richmond-QueensboroughAman SinghBC
Richmond South CentreAlexa LooBC Liberal
Richmond South CentreHenry YaoBC
Richmond-StevestonKelly GreeneBC
Richmond-StevestonVince LiIndependent
Richmond-StevestonMatt PitcairnBC Liberal
Saanich North and the IslandsZeb KingBC
Saanich North and the IslandsAdam OlsenBC Green
Saanich North and the IslandsStephen P RobertsBC Liberal
Saanich SouthKate O’ConnorBC Green
Saanich SouthLana PophamBC
Saanich SouthRishi SharmaBC Liberal
ShuswapGreg KylloBC Liberal
ShuswapSylvia LindgrenBC
ShuswapOwen MaddenBC Green
SkeenaNicole HalbauerBC
SkeenaMartin HolzbauerIndependent
SkeenaEllis RossBC Liberal
StikineNathan CullenBC
StikineDarcy RepenRural BC Party
StikineGordon SebastianBC Liberal
StikineRod TaylorChristian Heritage Party of
Surrey-CloverdaleAisha Rehana BaliConservative
Surrey-CloverdaleMarvin HuntBC Liberal
Surrey-CloverdaleRebecca SmithBC Green
Surrey-CloverdaleMike StarchukBC
Surrey-CloverdaleMarcella WilliamsIndependent
Surrey-FleetwoodJagrup BrarBC
Surrey-FleetwoodDean McGeeBC Green
Surrey-FleetwoodGarry ThindBC Liberal
Surrey-Green TimbersDilraj AtwalBC Liberal
Surrey-Green TimbersRachna SinghBC
Surrey-GuildfordGarry BeggBC
Surrey-GuildfordDave HansBC Liberal
Surrey-GuildfordSamuel KofaltIndependent
Surrey-GuildfordJodi MurphyBC Green
Surrey-NewtonHarry BainsBC
Surrey-NewtonPaul BoparaiBC Liberal
Surrey-NewtonAsad SyedBC Green
Surrey-PanoramaGulzar CheemaBC Liberal
Surrey-PanoramaSophie ShresthaB.C.
Surrey-PanoramaJinny SimsBC
Surrey SouthStephanie CadieuxBC Liberal
Surrey SouthPauline GreavesBC
Surrey SouthTim IbbotsonBC Green
Surrey-WhalleyRyan AbbottCommunist Party of
Surrey-WhalleyJag BhandariB.C.
Surrey-WhalleyShaukat KhanBC Liberal
Surrey-WhalleyBruce RalstonBC
Surrey-White RockJason
Surrey-White RockTrevor HalfordBC Liberal
Surrey-White RockBeverly (Pixie) HobbyBC Green
Surrey-White RockMegan KnightIndependent
Surrey-White RockBryn SmithBC
Vancouver-FairviewGeorge AffleckBC Liberal
Vancouver-FairviewIan GoldmanBC Green
Vancouver-FairviewGeorge HeymanBC
Vancouver-False CreekBrenda BaileyBC
Vancouver-False CreekNaomi
Vancouver-False CreekErik
Vancouver-False CreekMaayan KreitzmanBC Green
Vancouver-False CreekSam SullivanBC Liberal
Vancouver-FraserviewGeorge ChowBC
Vancouver-FraserviewDavid GrewalBC Liberal
Vancouver-FraserviewFrançoise RaunetBC Green
Vancouver-HastingsGölök Z
Vancouver-HastingsBridget BurnsBC Green
Vancouver-HastingsKimball CariouCommunist Party of’
Vancouver-HastingsAlex ReadBC Liberal
Vancouver-HastingsNiki SharmaBC
Vancouver-KensingtonMable ElmoreBC
Vancouver-KensingtonPaul LepageBC Liberal
Vancouver-KensingtonNazanin MoghadamiBC Green
Vancouver-KensingtonSalvatore VetroIndependent
Vancouver-KingswayCole AndersonBC Liberal
Vancouver-KingswayScott BernsteinBC Green
Vancouver-KingswayAdrian DixBC
Vancouver-LangaraStephanie HendyBC Green
Vancouver-LangaraMichael LeeBC Liberal
Vancouver-LangaraTesicca Chi-Ying TruongBC
Vancouver-Mount PleasantMelanie MarkBC
Vancouver-Mount PleasantKelly TathamBC Green
Vancouver-Mount PleasantGeorge VassilasBC Liberal
Vancouver-Point GreyMark BowenBC Liberal
Vancouver-Point GreyDavid EbyBC
Vancouver-Point GreyDevyani SinghBC Green
Vancouver-QuilchenaMichael BarkuskyBC Green
Vancouver-QuilchenaHeather McQuillanBC
Vancouver-QuilchenaAndrew WilkinsonBC Liberal
Vancouver-West EndSpencer Chandra HerbertBC
Vancouver-West EndJon EllacottBC Liberal
Vancouver-West EndJames MarshallBC Green
Vancouver-West EndKim
Vernon-MonasheeEric FosterBC Liberal
Vernon-MonasheeHarwinder SandhuBC
Vernon-MonasheeKeli WestgateBC Green
Victoria-Beacon HillKaren BillBC Liberal
Victoria-Beacon HillGrace LoreBC
Victoria-Beacon HillJenn NeilsonBC Green
Victoria-Beacon HillJordan
Victoria-Swan LakeRob FlemingBC
Victoria-Swan LakeAnnemieke HolthuisBC Green
Victoria-Swan LakeWalt ParsonsCommunist Party of
Victoria-Swan LakeJenn
Victoria-Swan LakeDavid SomervilleBC Liberal
West Vancouver-CapilanoAmelia HillBC
West Vancouver-CapilanoKarin KirkpatrickBC Liberal
West Vancouver-CapilanoRasoul NarimaniBC Green
West Vancouver-CapilanoAnton
West Vancouver-Sea to SkyKeith MurdochBC
West Vancouver-Sea to SkyJordan SturdyBC Liberal
West Vancouver-Sea to SkyJeremy ValerioteBC Green