A legacy gift is a lasting way of ensuring a personal impact, and an opportunity to safeguard the wildlife and beautiful landscapes you love into the future. It will link you forever to enduring efforts to protect and connect the most intact remaining mountain ecosystem on the planet. 

Supporters like you are the bedrock of Y2Y, and we are honored you are considering leaving a legacy gift in our care. We would be happy to talk to you about the sort of impact you can help to make at 1-800-966-7920. 

Planning your will is an opportunity to identify your personal goals and the needs of any beneficiaries. A financial adviser or lawyer can help you to include language specifying what gifts are to be made to family members, friends or to charities like Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative as part of your estate plan. If you are considering a gift, we have provided some simple wording you might use. 

Thank you for considering leaving a legacy gift to Y2Y when the time is right for you. 

Your privacy is important to us and you can read our donor privacy policy here. If you have questions about your donation or would like to speak to us in person, please call us at 1-800-966-7920. 

Header photo: Aspen grove, Shutterstock