Biophilic Cities Pathways: A conversation with Dr. Jodi Hilty | Virtual - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative


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Biophilic Cities Pathways: A conversation with Dr. Jodi Hilty | Virtual

May 23, 2023 at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Please RSVP May 23 at 3pm ET/1pm MT as Y2Y’s Dr. Jodi Hilty joins Biophilic Cities executive director Tim Beatley and advisory board member Nina-Marie Lister for a conversation about Y2Y’s mission of connecting wild lands in harmony with the people of the region.

This event is free, online and open the public.

More about the event host, Biophilic Cities:

Biophilic Cities partners with a network cities, scholars, and advocates from across the globe to build an understanding of the value and contribution of nature in cities to the lives of urban residents. As a central element of its work, Biophilic Cities facilitates a global network of partner cities working collectively to pursue the vision of a natureful city within their unique and diverse environments and cultures. Network partners are working in concert to conserve and celebrate nature in all its forms and the many important ways in which cities and their inhabitants benefit from the biodiversity and wild urban spaces present in cities. Biophilic Cities acknowledges the importance of daily contact with nature as an element of a meaningful urban life, as well as the ethical responsibility that cities have to conserve global nature as shared habitat for non-human life and people.

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