Support Canada's National Biodiversity Strategy - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Support Canada’s National Biodiversity Strategy

The lake is surrounded by colorful autumn forest. The picturesque Abraham lake in the mountain valley of the Rockies of Canada in the Bighorn region. Abraham Lake | Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
Abraham Lake in Canada's Rocky Mountains. Shutterstock image.

Nature needs you.

Together, we can address the worst effects of climate change and biodiversity loss. Get involved.

Help us reverse this trend with an all-of-government solution. Your letter will help shape an ambitious and well-designed National Biodiversity Strategy. Send your letter to Canada’s government now.

As a part of their commitment at COP15 in 2022, Canada pledged to establish a National Biodiversity Strategy. The goal is to halt and reverse biodiversity decline by 2030 and achieve full nature recovery by 2050.

The federal government has started working with provinces, ENGOs, and knowledge-holders, but they’re behind schedule and time is running out for nature.

You can play a part. Get involved to stop nature and biodiversity loss.

Tell the federal government to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 and fully recover nature by 2050 with a National Biodiversity Strategy backed by science, Indigenous knowledge, and an all-of-government approach.

Let them know your priority is a National Biodiversity Strategy that protects wildlife, nature, habitat and communities.