Stump Kitchen and Y2Y! - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Stump Kitchen and Y2Y!

Helping people and nature thrive

The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative and Alexis Hillyard of Stump Kitchen are proud to partner to increase awareness about Y2Y’s work and the importance of preserving nature for the benefit of all.

  • Stump Kitchen is a YouTube channel run by Alexis Hillyard about following your heart, celebrating diverse bodies, and enjoying delicious vegan and gluten-free cooking.
  • Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) is a collaborative effort between a U.S. non-profit organization and a Canadian public charity that together that strives to support people, all wildlife and natural systems in the region between the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Stump Kitchen celebrates all the beautiful ways you move through the world.

Advocating for accessibility for both people and wildlife is something that Alexis is passionate about. Whether removing barriers for humans for new experiences or to help animals stay connected between and within safe habitats — people and wildlife both face unique barriers in their lifetimes.

Connection is important for people and wildlife

We agree everyone should be able to share space in more equitable ways, whether you’re experiencing nature on two legs, wheels, four hooves, wings or anything in between. By supporting Y2Y’s work, you’re helping keep our wild landscapes healthy, which also helps people thrive.

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