Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative strives to support people, all wildlife and natural systems in the region between the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Our mission

We connect and protect habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon so people and nature can thrive. Learn more about our vision and mission.

With your help

Y2Y was created to harness the passion and experience of groups and individuals, like you, who want to keep this magnificent mountain landscape healthy and intact. Together, we are making this vision possible. You can help!

When it all started

Since the Yellowstone to Yukon vision took hold, more than  460 partner groups have joined forces to connect and protect this stunning landscape so people and nature can thrive. Our collective impact and progress since 1993 is astounding. Learn more about our history.

We’re transparent and accountable

As an environmental non-government organization, Y2Y operates as a registered 501(c)(3) organization (#81-0535303) in the United States and as a Canadian Charity (#86430 1841 RR0001). Learn more about how your donations are used and who supports us financially.

How we work

Y2Y’s role is to set the context for regional conservation work by providing the vision for a healthy Yellowstone to Yukon landscape, and to bring partners together to achieve as a network what none of us can accomplish alone. Using a multi-pronged approach, we undertake a variety of projects set within eight themes.

Who we are

Y2Y’s team, consists of staff, board, council and volunteers who all share a passion for the Yellowstone to Yukon region, extensive conservation and organizational experience, and a love of nature, wildlife and the outdoors.

Where we work

The Yellowstone to Yukon region stretches 3,400 kilometers (2,100 miles) from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to Canada’s Yukon. It spans five American states, two Canadian provinces, two Canadian territories, and at least 75 Indigenous territories.  

Learn more

Dive in to read more about Y2Y’s history, mission, vision and work:

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