Ski touring in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Image: Karsten Heuer
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“Y2Y provides something powerful that lasts — educating the nations of Canada and U.S. on the importance and value of conservation. That is forever.”  
P.J. Darling

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Y2Y Supporter: Kent Nelson

Also a Board member, Kent Nelson says he supports Y2Y because as a wildlife photographer, he sees "firsthand the interconnectedness of everything."

Kent Nelson is a man who knows the value of a good idea and what it takes to make it happen.

This humble wildlife photographer, now living in Jackson, Wyoming, is a true entrepreneur, involved in anything from music recording to eucalyptus plantations. “There are lots of good ideas,” he explains, “but what really counts is the person behind the idea and his or her ability to make it

It’s no surprise then that it was the vastness of the Y2Y vision that attracted Nelson to Y2Y. “As a wildlife photographer I see firsthand the interconnectedness of everything,” he describes.

“The Y2Y vision just makes perfect sense to me. I’ve always been a strong supporter of local charities, but this vision compelled me to extend my investment beyond the Jackson borders.”

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