Ski touring in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Image: Karsten Heuer
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“Y2Y provides something powerful that lasts — educating the nations of Canada and U.S. on the importance and value of conservation. That is forever.”  
P.J. Darling

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Y2Y Supporter: Rose Letwin

A Y2Y funder since 1999, Rose Letwin believes believes we can create a place where animals can thrive.

By Rose Letwin, Y2Y Supporter

I used to volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Sometimes we would get orphan animals ready to return to the wild, but there would be no place to put them back. That experience solidified my thinking—I wanted to make sure there was a place where wild animals could thrive.

The Wilburforce Foundation started small, doing what we could on a local level. In 1995, our budgets increased and we started looking seriously at landscape-scale conservation. It was a new concept back then. We identified seven areas that we might target, and the Yellowstone to Yukon region stood out, largely because Y2Y was already doing this type of work in the area.

We supported Y2Y financially, and our collective conservation successes in the region caused us to reshape the way we do our work. All our efforts are now directed toward landscape-scale conservation, and we support groups that work on pieces of the larger landscape puzzle.

We have worked with Y2Y for a long time, and the organization is one of our favorites. Y2Yunderstands the big picture for this region and helps smaller groups fit into it. There is strength in numbers, and a critical need for a big picture to help the smaller parts mesh and keep the work moving forward.
Wilburforce and Y2Y are both about collaboration and empowering people and groups. Looking back over the past 20 years, it’s amazing how far we’ve come, and I think the achievements we make together are just going to keep growing.

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