Ski touring in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Image: Karsten Heuer
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“Y2Y provides something powerful that lasts — educating the nations of Canada and U.S. on the importance and value of conservation. That is forever.”  
P.J. Darling

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Y2Y Supporter: The Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance was created to in 1989 as a way to give back and work to protect wild places across North America, and the group supports Y2Y for the same reasons.

“Our members see great value in the work Y2Y is doing,” says John Sterling, Executive Director of Conservation Alliance. “And they’re the ones who decide which organizations we fund.”

Who are the members? Patagonia, Kelty, REI, and The North Face for starters. These pioneering outdoor giants from across North America created the Alliance in 1989 as a way to give back and work to protect wild places.

“As outdoor enthusiasts, our members have witnessed the impact that development and urban expansion have had in the southern reaches of the Y2Y region,” says Sterling. “They are particularly keen to protect what is left in the north.” The Alliance helps keep the members, now consisting of 185 outdoor companies, informed and ready to support action. 

“The Alliance regularly sends members to Washington, DC,” notes Sterling, “where they can say things to their representatives like, ‘I employ 350 people in your district, and this conservation bill is good for our business.’ Sometimes when money talks, it’s a voice for the wilderness.”

In 2011, Y2Y was awarded its second grant to support its campaign against the Site C dam. “Y2Y’s work on the dam piqued the interest of our members,” says Sterling. “Our members understand the importance of stopping this dam, and they appreciate the collaborative nature of Y2Y’s efforts."

Sterling notes, “The Conservation Alliance has helped save millions of acres of wildlands and has helped stop or remove 25 dams. We are more than ready to make it 26.”

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