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Show Your Support for Castle Special Place

Alberta's new government made an election pledge to protect the Castle Special Place. Let's encourage them to make good on their promise!

Alberta's new government made an election pledge to protect the Castle Special Place. Let's encourage them to make good on their promise!

What's at Stake

A beautiful landscape of rolling foothills and high mountains, the Castle Special Place is home for diverse wildlife, including threatened grizzly bears, endangered westslope cutthroat trout and more than 200 species of birds. Alberta's previous government protected half the Castle, but the most important areas -- the places grizzlies and trout need to survive -- were left open to logging and off-road vehicle use.

What the New Government Promised

Alberta's current government promised to protect the Castle, but didn't say how much. Let them know you support FULL PROTECTION.

What You Can Do

Contact Honourable Shannon Phillips, Alberta's Minister of Environment and Parks:
Email: | Tel: 310-0000

A Sample Email

Please feel free to use the sample email below, but be sure to add your own personal reasons for protecting the Castle. Please 'cc' us at as well.


Subject: Please protect Alberta's Castle Special Place

Dear Minister Phillips,

I am writing to let you know how thrilled I was to hear that your new Alberta government has promised to protect the Castle Special Place. As you know, it's one of the province's most cherished wild spaces and home for many wildlife species, such as threatened grizzly bears and endangered native trout.

Protecting this beautiful region will require more than half measures. That's why I'm asking you to ensure full protection for the entire Castle region -- all 1020 square kilometres. That protection should include an end to clearcutting, which is scheduled to begin this winter after a 3-year moratorium, as well as a ban on off-road vehicles in the area, except on specially designated trails.

Thank you for reading this note, and for your commitment to preserving this vital watershed -- an extremely important headwater region and source of drinking water for millions of people.


Thank you for making your voice heard, and please share this with friends. The Castle needs everyone's support.

Together, we can protect the Castle Special Place!

Image: Stephen Legault

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