Ski touring in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Image: Karsten Heuer
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Give a tribute gift this season

Give a tribute gift this season
Credit: Wildlife Infometrics
Give a gift that creates space instead of taking up space.

Make a tribute gift in honor of someone you love

Instead of giving a gift that takes up space, give a gift that creates space! Make a tribute gift to Y2Y in honor of someone you care about.

Tribute gifts can celebrate anything and anyone:

  • Your best friend or adventure buddy
  • An anniversary or special occasion
  • A loved one who passed
  • Your favorite backcountry trail
  • An important person in your life

Tribute gifts honor your loved one with an eco-friendly present that protects the wild spaces and wildlife you both value. 

We'll send a special e-card to your loved one to let them know you've made this thoughtful gift in their honor. You will receive a 100 per cent tax deductible receipt.

You have a choice of three images for the e-card: grizzly cub, mountain scenery or mountain caribou (pictured below.) 

Let us know in the comments of your donation on the next page if you have a preference. 

Send your tribute gift in the currency of your choice: 

Canadian Flag        United States Flag 

How We Use Your Donation

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