Ski touring in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Image: Karsten Heuer
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“Y2Y provides something powerful that lasts — educating the nations of Canada and U.S. on the importance and value of conservation. That is forever.”  
P.J. Darling

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Y2Y Supporter: Chris Bunting

A Y2Y Supporter since 2007, Chris Bunting is the director of the Bunting Family Foundation.

By Chris Bunting, Y2Y Supporter

It inspires me to think that when I’m 80, my kids will be able to walk this connected landscape—that this is a possible dream. I know that the only way to succeed is to see everyone’s children as our own.

Helping shift the Yellowstone to Yukon vision into a reality helps me realize this dream.

I’ve lived in the Yellowstone to Yukon region for 13 years now; first in Wyoming and now in Montana, with my wife and two young children. My ties to this landscape inspired my family’s foundation to grant our first gift to Y2Y in 2007, and our support has been steadfast ever since.

It makes all the sense in the world to support the diverse connections that Y2Y represents: connected habitat for wildlife, connections between individuals and nature, and connections among people working to conserve and protect the land. One of the things the Bunting Foundation appreciates most about Y2Y is its collaboration with partner organizations.

Accomplishing this beautiful dream is going to take a level of openness and cooperation as extensive as the territory itself, and Y2Y clearly understands this need and does it well.

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