Exploring Alberta's Two O'Clock Ridge. Image: Adam Linnard
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2013 Partner Grant Recipients

The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative is pleased to announce its 2013 Partner Grant recipients. This year alone, we invested over $60,000 in the following 17 organizations that will help protect and connect the habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon so people and nature can thrive. Please scroll down to see the location of each project.

$3,500 - Center for Large Landscape Conservation
To identify wildlife corridors that are important to regional-scale connectivity in the High Divide, and highlight which of these are threatened by current land use and future landscape changes.

$3,000 – Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Southern Alberta
To help advance efforts to gain protection of the Castle Special Place in the South Saskatchewan Regional Land Use Plan.

$2,500 - Craighead Institute
To evaluate the effects of the proposed Three Sisters Mountain Village, in Canmore, Alberta on wildlife connectivity.

$2,500 - Flathead Lakers
To support stewardship efforts along the Flathead River to protect the river corridor and critical lands, which are important nesting habitat and migratory areas for birds and native fish as well as wildlife habitat.

$3,000 - Future West
To support public relations efforts that highlight the ecological significance of the High Divide in an effort to increase the quantity and quality of on-the-ground community-based conservation and restoration efforts in the area.

$4,000 - Great Bear Foundation
To continue the “Bears & Apples” program, part of a larger scheme of educational programs and on-the-ground conservation activities that engage and inform the public about ecological/environmental issues, through the lens of bear conservation.

$3,500 - Greater Yellowstone Coalition
To support efforts that ensure climate sensitive species, such as grizzlies and wolverines, as well as habitats of Greater Yellowstone have the best chance possible to adapt to changing climates and enhance connectivity.

$4,000 - Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute
To build awareness about the importance of the Peel Watershed and the Wind River by producing a map book of traditional Gwich’in place names, oral history, and ecological knowledge of the area.

$3,000 - Hells Canyon Preservation Council
To protect and restore key wildlife movement corridors and crucial core habitats in the greater Hells Canyon region, and to engage citizens in the data collection process to nurture human connections with this wild treasure.

$5,500 - Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
To support Wild Neighborhoods, an outreach and educational program, that encourages Teton residents and local businesses to use best-practice guidelines to reduce conflict with wildlife and the risk of wildfire.

$4,000 - Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation
To support the modification of existing fences that act as a barrier to wildlife movement in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

$5,000 - Lincoln County, Montana
To obtain baseline data on grizzly bear population in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem and evaluate the linkage of these populations with other nearby populations.

$4,000 - Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Foundation
To reduce the risk of food-conditioned bears, which leads to human-caused grizzly bear mortalities, in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem by providing residents with safe and convenient garbage collection transfer sites and free access to electric fencing.

$3,500 - People and Carnivores
To support the expansion of bear-safe food container, including 20 foot ‘bear poles’ and bear-resistant containers for backcountry outfitters, in Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest.

$4,500 - Road Watch in the Pass
To educate decision makers and citizens about wildlife issues and solutions along Alberta/British Columbia’s Highway 3, in an effort to advance the implementation of effective wildlife crossings on the Highway, and enhance wildlife connectivity.

$3,250 - Selkirk Conservation Alliance
To reduce human/bear conflicts by installing additional bear-proof food storage lockers within the Idaho’s State Parks within the Selkirk grizzly bear ecosystem.

$2,000 - Wildlands CPR
To enhance efforts to improve wildlife habitat, connectivity and forest resiliency by monitoring the effectiveness of Legacy Road reclamation projects.

2013 Competitive Partner Grants