Exploring Alberta's Two O'Clock Ridge. Image: Adam Linnard
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2012 Partner Grant Recipients

$5,000 - Castle-Crown Wilderness Coalition
To help advance efforts toward the environmental protection of the Castle Wilderness as a viable wilderness within  the Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

$2,500 - Driftwood Foundation
To map the movements of what is thought to be the world’s largest lambing herd of Stone’s sheep, which lives on Todagin Mountain in northern British Columbia, and whose habitat is threatened by mining.

$3,500 - Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness
To help conduct education, outreach and stewardship activities to preserve the rugged, scenic and biologically diverse 88,000 acre Scotchman Peaks Roadless Area.

$4,000 - Great Bear Foundation
To continue the “Bears & Apples” program, part of a larger scheme of educational programs and on-the-ground conservation activities that engage and inform the public about ecological/environmental issues, through the lens of bear conservation.

$4,250 - Greater Yellowstone Coalition
In support of the “Living with Wildlife” program that seeks to reduce conflicts with wildlife, particularly bears, in areas that have traditionally been problematic for the population and have limited dispersal into new habitats.

$2,500 - Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute
To document, digitize, maintain, and use Gwich’in traditional ecological knowledge and Gwich’in traditional use for regulatory and research purposes.

$4,500 - Headwaters Montana
In support of Headwaters Montana’s project to maintain and restore the ecological integrity of the Transboundary Flathead region in the Crown of the Continent.

$4,000 - Keystone Conservation
To create and support the unique Bear Spray Rental Program in Jackson and Cody, Wyoming.

$6,500 - Peace Valley Environment Association
To continue the grassroots campaign against the construction of the Site C dam on the Peace River in British Columbia.

$2,500 - People's Way Partnership
To assist in the project of communicating the ecological effectiveness of wildlife crossings on US Highway 93 North in Montana.

$5,000 - Sierra Club of BC Foundation
In support of the Sierra Club’s efforts to raise public awareness and campaign against the proposed Site C mega project.

$4,000 - Selkirk Conservation Alliance
To assist in the purchase and install of up to 12 ‘bear-proof’ food storage lockers within the State Parks within the Selkirk grizzly bear ecosystem.

$4,500 - Trumpeter Swan Society
In support of the Trumpeter Swan Society’s efforts to bring NGO, landowner and agency partners together to establish a multi-year effort that will repair past damage to wetlands in the Centennial Valley that are important to the Trumpeter Swan.

$3,500 - Yaak Valley Forest Council
To assist the Headwaters Partnership to work cooperatively with the local community and Kootenai National Forest to restore aquatic habitats in the Yaak River watershed.