Understanding wolverines helps us develop conservation strategies. Image: Steven Gnam
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U.S. Route 20

Y2Y will help develop a campaign to convert recent research on wildlife mortality on Idaho's Highway 20, and its recommendations, into action.

Bear running across road. Image: Kent Nelson
Photo: Kent Nelson


Highway 20 is a major transportation route that cuts through the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park and runs north-south along its west border.

The highway brings thousands of visitors to appreciate the internationally-celebrated park every year, but it has also become a barrier for wildlife.

The highway has led to the deaths of grizzly bears trying to cross it, while numerous migratory elk, moose and deer are killed on the road annually, as they move between summer ranges in and around Yellowstone, and lower elevation wintering habitat.

Hwy 20 Moose and Calf
A mother moose and calf stand near a roadside in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Photo: Kent Nelson.


Basic mitigation measures, such as fencing, animal over- and underpasses and public education, can significantly reduce collisions and help animals safely reach their destination, which will ultimately support the long-term survival of isolated populations of species like grizzly bears.


Y2Y is working with local partners in the region to identify high-frequency crossing areas along the route, and to raise the profile of both the problem and potential solutions, such as fencing and innovative wildlife crossing structures. Y2Y's Highway 20 work will be a tangible, local component of a broader initiative to promote the widespread adoption of wildlife crossings.

Hwy 20 Grizzly and Elk
A grizzly bear is surrounded by a herd of elk in Yellowstone National Park. Photo: Kent Nelson.


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