Understanding wolverines helps us develop conservation strategies. Image: Steven Gnam
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What: Hot Projects

Projects highlight some important efforts by Y2Y and our partners to help connect and protect habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon.

Y2Y works on a variety of projects throughout the Yellowstone to Yukon region. The following projects highlight some important efforts by Y2Y and our partners to help connect and protect habitat from Yellowstone to Yukon.

Y2Y’s role varies from project to project. In some cases, we lead the endeavour, bringing local stakeholders together, helping to strategize and coordinate, and providing the resources necessary to tackle the issue. We also work with local groups as an equal partner in implementing a campaign. And, in other cases, Y2Y is a supportive entity working with or helping to fund local groups in whatever capacity is necessary. Together, we achieve what is not possible alone. 

See map to locate project sites:

Hot Projects v3
peel icon Protect the Peel
The Peel Watershed is one of the largest unprotected and untouched landscapes in the Yellowstone to Yukon region, and Y2Y is supporting the hard work of partners to protect it from development.

 Healing the BreakThe Peace River region is the narrowest part of the Yellowstone to Yukon landscape and suffers from rampant development. Y2Y is implementing a strategy to heal it.

 Site C Dam: If approved, the $8 billion dam would be the third dam on the Peace River and threatens the long-term survival of wildlfe and fish populations. Y2Y is working with its partners to stop the dam.

 Alberta Headwaters: The province is creating land-use management plans that will determine how land is used for the next 50 years. Y2Y is leading an initiative to ensure these plans protect Alberta’s headwaters.

 Mapping the Wolverine Way: Vulnerable U.S. wolverine populations depend on connections with Alberta’s populations for their future survival. Y2Y is supporting research that is investigating the distribution of Alberta’s southern wolverine populations outside protected areas.

 Making Highway 3 Wildlife-Friendly: Running parallel to the Canada-U.S. border across the southern portion of Alberta and British Columbia, Highway 3 is a major barrier to wildlife movement. Y2Y is working with its partners to promote wildlife over- and underpasses to make the highway safer for wildlife and people.

 Private Lands: Some private lands are vital to wildlife movement and healthy habitat. Working with land trusts and willing landowners, Y2Y raises funds to secure such lands against development.

 Yaak to Yahk: This trans-boundary region is an important link between two key habitats in B.C. and Montana. Y2Y is leading an effort to restore the degraded habitat to help grizzly bear and fish populations regenerate.

Projects not yet appearing on this map include Bow Valley Overpass and U.S. Route 20.  

To learn more about the partner projects Y2Y helps to support please click here. If you have any questions about other projects that are not listed please email us at .