Looking out over the Yukon's Peel Watershed. Image: Northern Focus Creative
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Y2Y: The Geography of Hope

Wildlife studies have revealed that the Yellowstone to Yukon region is North America’s greatest conservation opportunity.

Y2Y NA Map with ScaleStretching some 2,000 miles in length (3,218 km), the Yellowstone to Yukon region is one of the last intact mountain ecosystems left on Earth. It is home to the full suite of wildlife species that existed when European explorers first arrived and it is the source of clean, safe drinking water to 15 million North Americans.

A Rare Oasis

Other iconic mountain ecosystems like the Himalayas, the Andes and the Alps have not been so fortunate. The cumulative effects of human occupation and cultivation in these areas have led to the extinction or endangerment of many large native mammals.

These same issues have not yet damaged beyond repair the Yellowstone to Yukon region or the life that lives within it. If we can protect critical habitat and keep it connected, we can continue to avoid the same fate as these other iconic mountain ecosystems.

See what science says about the need to keep the Yellowstone to Yukon region protected and connected and why it is North America’s geography of hope:

Wildlife’s Need to Roam

North America’s Greatest Conservation Opportunity

An Antidote to Extinction

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