Allies gather and enjoy a meal following a trans-boundary strategy meeting at the U.S.-Canadian border. Image Jaime Rojo @iLCP
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Collaborative Work

Achieving the Yellowstone to Yukon vision was and will always be a group effort.

Even when the idea of connecting this gigantic ecosystem that extends from Yellowstone to the Yukon was first described in 1993, those present knew that to achieve this goal required more than good science and boldness. It depended on enlisting the passion and experience of those who already cared deeply about the region and who worked in and with dozens of grassroots groups—it depended on this network.

It will always be about working together. Since that first day, more than 300 partners have joined forces to advance this big, bold vision. We honor each of their contributions by listing the 300-plus conservation groups, local landowners, businesses, government agencies, donors and supporters, Native American and First Nations communities and scientists that have helped propel this vision to where it is today

The following list encompasses partners and funders from 1993 to 2014. 

Mountain of Collaborators

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Why Y2Y

“Being a "voice in the wilderness" doesn't mean being alone anymore. Thanks to Y2Y's collaborative networking opportunities, every voice in the wilderness can access the science and resources needed to broadcast the conservation message and achieve on-the-ground conservation goals.” 
Melissa Fuller
Hawkins Creek Stewardship Committee