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  • August 2017: Strong Foundations: Recap and Recommendations from Scientists Regarding the Federal Environmental and Regulatory Reviews: Full report | Executive Summary with Infographics 
  • March 2017: Sharing Canada’s Last Frontier: Creating a Conservation Network to Ensure Continued Wildlife Connectivity in the Mackenzie River Basin: (Master's group project for Bren School of Environmental Science and Management by Andrew Cawley, Sarah Halperin, Naomi Louchouarn and Michael Paccassi): Full report
  • June 2017: Bighorn Backcountry of Alberta: Protecting Vulnerable Wildlife and Precious Waters (Wildlife Conservation Society Canada): Full Report
  • 2015: Planning for Connectivity - A guide to connecting and conserving wildlife within and beyond America's national forests: Full Report
  • January 2014: Assessing Cumulative Impacts to Wide-Ranging Species Across the Peace Break Region of Northeastern British Columbia: Full Report - Summary
  • August 2012: Muskwa-Kechika Management Area Biodiversity Conservation & Climate Change Assessment: Full Report - Summary

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