Goat and kid. Image: Harvey Locke
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The Grizzly Manifesto

Author: Jeff Gailus

Grizzly ManifestoFollowing in the Great Bears' footsteps from Yellowstone National Park through the Canadian Rockies to the Muskwa-Kechika wilderness, Jeff Gailus explores the unique biological and political circumstances that make it difficult for grizzly bears and people to share the same landscapes.

Shocking and compassionate, The Grizzly Manifesto provides an insightful look into the complex and sometimes insidious political machinations that will determine the fate of grizzly bears in the North American West.

Today, the front line in this centuries-old battle for survival has shifted to western Alberta and southern BC, where outdated mythologies, rapacious industrial development and disingenuous governments continue to push the Great Bear further into the mountains and toward a future that may not have room for them at all.

Thankfully, there is another kind of movement afoot. Hundreds of scientists and conservationists, along with thousands of citizens that value sustainable development and responsible government, work tirelessly to define a better future for the grizzly bear and all that it represents.

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The book can be purchased at all major bookstores, as well as at amazon.ca.