Goat and kid. Image: Harvey Locke
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Safe Passages: Highways, Wildlife and Habitat Connectivity

Edited by Jon P. Beckmann, Anthony P. Clevenger, Marcel P. Huijser, and Jodi A. Hilty

Safe PassagesSafe Passages: Highways, Wildlife and Habitat Connectivity details the latest developments in the evolving science of road ecology and provides a tool-box for individuals and organizations engaged in reducing road-wildlife impacts. Today, roadways cover more than one percent of the total area within the United States and are the site of vehicular collisions with animals of all shapes and sizes across North America.

But the threats posed to wildlife do not end there: roads also decrease access to quality habitat and resources, fragment populations into smaller and more vulnerable subpopulations, and increase exposure to humans and human activity. The book, published by Island Press, highlights the cooperative efforts that are bringing together non-governmental organizations, land management agencies, wildlife agencies, transportation departments and others to reduce the impacts of highways on wildlife and connectivity. Landmark case studies illustrated in the book, show how wildlife crossing structures, fish culverts, and advances in highway planning can be incorporated into modern infrastructure projects.

The book can be purchased at amazon.com or amazon.ca.