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National Geographic Destinations: Yellowstone to Yukon

National Geographic Y2YFrom the Publisher: Douglas H. Chadwick, a celebrated writer known for his comprehensive, lyrical, and often witty approach to the natural world, returns with a highly personal take on what is fast becoming one of the most challenging and vitally urgent conservation issues in North America. The region of the northern Rocky Mountains, which spans from Yellowstone National Park to the Yukon, boasts one of the world’s greatest collections of megafauna, including pumas, wolves, grizzly and black bears, elk, and musk oxen. The long-term future of the region’s wildlife, however, is threatened by increasing fragmentation and loss of habitat. And this is where Y2Y—a mammoth conservation initiative backed by more than 170 different organizations—comes in.

Yellowstone to Yukon is both a timely explanation of all the intricacies of the region's peerless resources as well as a powerful clarion call for an effective conservation plan. Dramatic, full-color photography by Raymond Gehman captures all the wonders of the region’s landscapes and wildlife, while Chadwick’s finely wrought, anecdote-rich narrative skillfully assesses the web of issues and contentions that continue to affect this unparalleled habitat.

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