Hiking in the Yukon. Image: Pat Morrow
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"I BELIEVE in connected landscapes; so connected that my children can walk from one point to another."
Chris Bunting, Y2Y Supporter since 2007

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Canmore conservation tax proposed

Y2Y's Stephen Legault proposes the exploration of a Canmore conservation fund.

Plebiscite possible for new conservation tax

"The Bow Valley is undeniably a mecca for those who value wild spaces and the species that use them – whether grizzly bears or a herd of elk – and conservation ranks high on the priority list for those who call it home.

"It is that value of putting conservation first that has the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative examining the possibility of placing a levy on all property taxes in the Town of Canmore that would go toward a dedicated conservation fund."

— Rocky Mountain Outlook, Feb. 23, 2017 

Canmore considering conservation levy after survey finds support

"A recent survey has found that the majority of Canmore residents are in favour of a levy that would fund conservation efforts in the Bow Valley.

"The telephone survey of 400 Canmore residents, conducted at the end of 2016, was done to gauge the interest within the community of preserving wilderness and determine the level of opposition to establishing a conservation fund."

Crag and Canyon, Feb. 22, 2017