Hiking in the Yukon. Image: Pat Morrow
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"I left inspired to protect the special places in my own backyard."
Sara Renner, Y2Y supporter

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Investing in the Community

Y2Y partner grants help people and organizations realize our collective conservation goals in the Yellowstone to Yukon region.

Y2Y exists to connect the Yellowstone to Yukon landscape, and the solutions to realize this goal are just waiting for the right circumstance to bring them to life. Money, or more specifically a lack of it, often keeps solutions out of reach. But Y2Y helps bridge the gap.

Our donors and funders believe in the Y2Y vision; so much so that they trust us to invest their support in the people and organizations that can help us realize our conservation goals.

And our large-landscape perspective means we see the landscape with a different lens than most. We see how on-the-ground projects, such as bear-proof garbage containers or outreach programs that help people live well with wildlife, can be part of the solution to regional and even continental concerns.

That is why in 1998, Y2Y initiated a Competitive Partner Grant Program that gave grassroots organizations funds to support projects that helped reach our conservation goals. Since then, the conservation community has benefited from half a million dollars in Partner Grants.

Volunteers picking apples with bear in the distance. Y2Y 2013 Partner Grant Recipient
In April, we awarded 17 grants totaling over $60,000 US/CAN. Funders and donors such as: the Woodcock Foundation, the William T. Hornaday Fund, and the Kendeda Fund as well as individual donors make this program possible.
From protecting special places like the Castle, to developing tools that help wildlife and human communities thrive together, these projects span the spectrum and include scientific, educational and practical solutions to real problems affecting the Y2Y region.

Project Locations

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