Hiking in the Yukon. Image: Pat Morrow
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"I left inspired to protect the special places in my own backyard."
Sara Renner, Y2Y supporter

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Finding harmony between people and nature

The solutions Y2Y provides to fractured landscapes and island ecologies inspired Brandan Roberston to become a monthly donor.

While his home is a long way from Yellowstone National Park and Canada’s Yukon, for Seabrook, Texas, resident Brandan Robertson it’s only a short mental jump.

As a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry, Brandan has a unique perspective on our planet. From space, political boundaries disappear, he says. “You understand that we are all part of a single, beautiful, interdependent system — and a rather special one at that.”

He first noticed Y2Y’s work with highway wildlife overpasses in Banff National Park on Nova’s Wild Ways episode.

“When I saw Y2Y’s innovative and ambitious approaches to finding solutions in one of my favorite parts of the continent, it struck a chord with me,” he says.

After thinking long and hard about the problem of fractured landscapes and island ecologies, Brandan decided to become a monthly donor to Y2Y.

“I especially like the way that Y2Y seeks harmony between people and nature,” he says. “I love pristine wilderness, but in my mind, paradise is not nature with a total absence of people — it is people living so seamlessly and harmoniously with nature that civilization is nearly indistinguishable from its surroundings.”

Brandan wants to protect wild places for his two young sons as well as a third child on the way. The entire family enjoys hiking, fishing, and exploring parks and beaches.

He says being a monthly donor feels part of who he is and also, “Who I want to be. I feel part of a team and part of a larger purpose.”

Like Brandan and others, you too can help protect great places by becoming a monthly donor.

It’s support we can count on that helps us achieve our ambitious goals across the Yellowstone to Yukon region and leave a legacy for future generations. 

Legacy gifts provide lasting impact

A legacy gift is an opportunity to safeguard the wildlife and beautiful landscapes you love into the future. It will link you forever to enduring efforts to protect and connect the most intact remaining mountain ecosystem on the planet. Find out more

The power of monthly donations

Monthly donors are the cornerstone of our work. You ensure that Yellowstone to Yukon, one of Earth’s last intact mountain ecosystems, stays that way. Your consistent and dependable support enables us to develop long-term solutions, while also being nimble enough to respond to emerging — and often emergency — situations. You make it possible for us to ensure wildlife and people thrive. Learn more

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