Hiking in the Yukon. Image: Pat Morrow
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"I BELIEVE in connected landscapes; so connected that my children can walk from one point to another."
Chris Bunting, Y2Y Supporter since 2007

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It's time to protect Alberta's Castle

On January 20, the Alberta Government announced a management plan for the new Castle Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, a plan Y2Y welcomed.

On January 20, the Alberta Government announced a management plan for the new Castle Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park in Southern Alberta, a plan Y2Y welcomed.  

But our work is not over. The announcement included news that the province would phase-out off-highway vehicle use in the area to protect this fragile landscape. 

Since late January voices opposing this part of the management plan have grown louder, holding rallies and signing petitions against it. While OHV users only account for 10 per cent of Albertans, comments condemning the new parks currently amount to more than 50 per cent of those received by the government. 

If we value parks and wildlife, we must work together to secure this area, protect the headwaters and move to save important habitat for westlope cutthroat trout and grizzlies. Now is the time to let the government know we support parks.  

What you can do right now to help:  

  1. Take the survey on the Castle Management plan by April 19. Y2Y strongly agrees on most answers, and is supportive of protecting this vulnerable area, specifically phasing-out OHV use;  
  2. Like and follow the Love Castle Parks Facebook page and share it with your friends. Ask them to make their voices heard, too.   

It's time to protect the Castle. Get involved. Have your opinion heard. 

Thank you for caring about the future of Alberta's provincial parks!