Hiking in the Yukon. Image: Pat Morrow
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"I left inspired to protect the special places in my own backyard."
Sara Renner, Y2Y supporter

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Join 250 Leaders to Stop the Site C Dam

Canada's federal government has the power to stop the Site C dam. Find out how you can help make that happen!

Have you seen the news? You just acquired some heavy-hitting allies in the fight to stop the Site C dam!

If you haven’t yet contacted your MP, please do it now. You’ll be backed by 250 prominent academics who just released a major independent review of the decision-making process for Site C.

Their analysis, months in the making, confirms Canada’s failure to live up to commitments on Indigenous issues and evidence-based decision-making. It calls on the government to suspend Site C until more rigorous assessment is completed that reflects the new federal government’s commitment to science-based decision-making and reconciliation with First Nations.

Take Action!

In an unusual move, the Royal Society of Canada issued its own statement, which says that “work on the the Site C project should be discontinued” due to the issue of treaty infringement. This principled stand will force the Trudeau government to finally stop ducking the Site C issue.

It’s not every day that the Royal Society weighs in, but the case against Site C is now irrefutable. The treaty infringement issue is real. The number and scope of significant adverse environmental effects arising from Site C are unprecedented in the history of environmental assessment in Canada. The regulatory review was severely limited and cannot be considered evidence-based decision-making.

Make your voice heard - call or write your MP today!

The federal Liberals are heading into their annual convention in Winnipeg, starting this Thursday. Let’s make sure Site C is on the top of their minds.

This battle can feel like an uphill one. It’s great to feel the momentum against Site C building. Thank you for taking action.

The Peace River Valley is far too ecologically and culturally important to be devastated by an outdated hydro dam. Photo: Garth Lenz.
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