Hiking in the Yukon. Image: Pat Morrow
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"I left inspired to protect the special places in my own backyard."
Sara Renner, Y2Y supporter

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National panel of experts to advise Canada's biodiversity conservation initiative

Harvey Locke, cofounder and strategic adviser for Y2Y, named as member of National Advisory Panel to Canada's biodiversity conservation initiative.

June 8, 2017

CANMORE – Today Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) welcomes the National Advisory Panel to help determine how Canada can achieve the commitment under the International Convention on Biological Diversity to protect at least 17 per cent of our landscape by 2020. Harvey Locke, cofounder and strategic adviser for Y2Y, is among the esteemed members of the panel.

"We are thrilled by the creation of the group and mandate, and look forward to supporting provincial and federal implementation of Target 1 goals in a timely way," says Dr. Jodi Hilty, president and chief scientist of Y2Y. "This is the time for bold, decisive steps and we welcome this panel and Canada's commitment to protection."

Currently Canada has 10.6 per cent protection of land and inland water areas. With 90 per cent of these public resources managed by various levels of government including federal, provincial, territorial and indigenous, collaboration is the best way to meet the 2020 goal.

Connecting large protected areas is the recommended strategy by science, stemming the loss of biodiversity during this time of climate change. Y2Y was an early adopter of this approach and stands as a global leader in large landscape conservation.

"It is an honour to be working with a broad cross-section of Canadians including indigenous experts on helping Canada achieve its goal of protecting at least 17 per cent of our lands and freshwater by 2020," says Harvey Locke, newly appointed panel member. "It will be a great advance from the 10.6 per cent protection our country is at now and there are great opportunities in the Yellowstone to Yukon region."

Parks Canada and Alberta Environment and Parks co-lead the land and freshwater conservation initiative.

"The steps we take today will help protect our rivers, forests and other wild spaces for future generations. This new National Advisory Panel reflects Canada’s diversity, while bringing together voices needed to achieve our ambitious conservation targets," says the Honourable Shannon Phillips, Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks and the Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office.

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