Hiking in the Yukon. Image: Pat Morrow
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"I left inspired to protect the special places in my own backyard."
Sara Renner, Y2Y supporter

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Strong Foundations: Recap and recommendations from scientists regarding the federal environmental and regulatory reviews

A cross-sector collaboration of 25 scholars and practitioners examine the environmental assessment system.

Canada’s environmental assessment system has been criticized by thousands of scientists in the past for ignoring science and basing decisions on politics, not evidence, including Y2Y, and more than 1,800 young researchers.

The Government of Canada is now the process of modernizing this broken system, and has requested public input on their Environmental and Regulatory Reviews Discussion Paper.

We brought together a cross-sector collaboration of 25 scholars and practitioners of environmental science, law, and policy from Canadian academic, government, non-government, and private sectors.  

Our report, Strong Foundations: Recap and Recommendations from Scientists Regarding the Federal Environmental and Regulatory Reviews identifies nine priorities and seven gaps that the government must address to ensure that environmental assessment has a solid foundation of science. We also offer a companion paper of recommendations specific to the Fisheries Act.

By strengthening the evidence collected in environmental assessment, how it is used and shared, and how decisions are made, the government can begin to regain public trust and support a process that protects our communities, health, and environment.

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