Goat and kid. Image: Harvey Locke
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Hot Project Folder

Image subsection-what-hot-projects-protect_the_peel
Wind River. Image: Peter Mather
Image subsection-what-hot-projects-healing_the_break
B.C.'s Peace River. Image: Larry Peterson
Image subsection-what-hot-projects-site_c_dam
B.C.'s Peace River. Image: Larry Peterson
Image D source code subsection-what-hot-projects-flathead
Bighorn sheep and other wildlife call the Flathead home. Image: Joe Riis @iLCP
Image Lilypond music sheet subsection-what-hot-projects-making_highway_3_wildlife-friendly
Image: Northern Focus Creative
Image subsection-what-hot-projects-yahk_to_yaak
Pulling up abandoned roads helps restore an area to its natural state. Image: Karsten Heuer
Image subsection-what-hot-projects-alberta-headwaters
The Bighorn offers incredible recreation opportunities and serves as the headwaters for millions of people in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Image: Adam Linnard