Goat and kid. Image: Harvey Locke
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View of Peel Watershed. Image: Peter Mather
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The lynx is one of the many animals to call this region home. Image: Nicolas Dory.
Image subsection-where-by-region-stikine-nass-skeena-headwaters
Todagin Mountain, home to the largest lambing herd of Stone Sheep in the world. Image: Paul Colangelo.
Image subsection-where-by-region-muskwa-kechika-ecosystem
The Muskwa-Kechika is one of the wildest areas in the Yellowstone to Yukon region. Image: Wayne Sawchuk.
Image subsection-where-by-region-peace-river-break
B.C.'s Peace River. Image: Larry Peterson
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Fall colors near Bow Lake. Image: Darwin Wiggett
Image subsection-where-by-region-cabinet-purcell-mountain-corridor
Hiking the Purcell Mountain range. Image: Juri Peepre
Image chemical/x-pdb subsection-where-by-region-crown-of-the-continent
Water in the Flathead is so pure that scientists use it as a benchmark for measuring water quality in rivers around the world. Image: Jaime Rojo @iLCP
Image subsection-where-by-region-high-divide
Trumpeter swans. Image: Harvey Locke
Image subsection-where-by-region-greater-yellowstone-ecosystem
Yellowstone bison. Image: Adam Linnard
Image Troff document subsection-where-by-region-salmon-selway-bitterroot
Big horned lamb. Image: Ryan Fowler
Image subsection-where-by-region
Yukon's Wind River. Image: Peter Mather