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Tim Burkhart, Peace River Break Coordinator

Tim has a lifelong love of wild places, and combines a commitment to social and environmental justice with an understanding of historical realities and experience in on-the-ground political operations.

Prior to joining the Y2Y team, Tim was committed to driving positive change as an organizer for multiple political, non-profit and labour campaigns, and in the past worked as a researcher for the Cohen Commission, which examined the collapse of Sockeye Salmon fisheries on the Fraser River.

Tim was inspired to focus his career on conservation advocacy and research after two seasons as an operations manager for several provincial marine parks, where his passion for the wild evolved from a fascination with Canadian natural history to contemporary politics and policy surrounding the environment, natural resources and conservation movements.

Tim currently is completing his master’s degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia, where he is creating a platform through which stakeholders in the Peace River Break can access geographical and spatial data and make their own maps of conservation values important to them.

As Peace River Break coordinator, Tim coordinates the efforts of local conservation organizations, First Nations, scientists, government, industry and other interested parties to conserve biodiversity and wildlife connectivity in the Peace region, ensuring its continental role as a wildlife linkage between the Central Canadian Rocky Mountains and the wild lands of the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area to the north. He works to prioritize campaigns for new protected areas, caribou and grizzly bear conservation, and policies to manage the cumulative effects of industrial development.

Tim lives in Chetwynd, BC, with his dog Mick, and spends his free time exploring the mountains, rivers, lakes and prairie of the beautiful Peace region.

Follow Tim on Twitter: @timothyseabeard