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"I BELIEVE in a place where animals can thrive."
Rose Letwin, Wilburforce Foundation
Y2Y Funder since 1999


Laura Coristine

A 2016 Liber Ero Fellowship award recipient, Laura Coristine is developing innovative ways to manage climate change impacts on biodiversity, and helping scientists and planners devise creative tools for integrating conservation policy with these issues—at national, regional and local scales.

As part of her focus, Coristine considers major barriers that impede wildlife movement and migrations, such as highways and other developments, since these obstacles will become an even greater concern as ecosystems shift location. Her research will evaluate the vulnerability of existing protected areas, some of which are too small and isolated to preserve wide-ranging species, and will also identify priority areas where increased land protection should be considered in order to mitigate those extinction risks, especially with respect to vulnerable species-at-risk.