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Ross Donihue, Western Research Fellowship Graduate Intern

Ross is Y2Y's Western Research Fellowship Graduate Intern for the summer of 2017.

Ross DonihueAn experienced cartographer and visual storyteller, Ross will be working to tell compelling stories about human-wildlife coexistence across the Y2Y region.

Based in Canmore, he will use a combination of interviews, geospatial tools, and photography and videography, to create a database of coexistence projects, map networks among Y2Y partners, and develop an interactive, web-based map highlighting past and present coexistence projects.

Fresh off his first of two years as a Master’s student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Ross is particularly interested in using geospatial data for land management and storytelling. He has worked on such projects with numerous non-profit, private, and government groups in the United States and abroad.

Ross grew up in Waterville, Maine, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies from Macalester College in 2011. After college he moved to Washington, D.C. and worked as a cartographer at the National Geographic Society.

He later went on to found Maps for Good, a map-based visual storytelling team based in San Francisco. The mission of Maps for Good is to make maps and digital media for conservation organizations in the US and abroad.

In his free time, he loves swimming in alpine lakes, long ascents, and carving wooden spoons.

Follow Ross on Twitter @rossdonihue or Instagram, also @rossdonihue.