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"I BELIEVE in a place where animals can thrive."
Rose Letwin, Wilburforce Foundation
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Naia Noyes-West - Y2Y intern

Naia was born and raised in the Bow Valley on the traditional lands of the Iyahe Stoney Nakoda, Niitsitapi, Siksika, and Tsuut'ina. She holds a Bachelors in Environment Policy and Economics, and has studied across Canada and Scandinavia. Her goal is to use her degree to give back to the communities, both human and non-human, that she was so lucky to grow up with.

Through her studies and travels, Naia has found that no place on the planet is uniquely special, not even the Bow Valley or the Y2Y region. Places thrive and become special to specific communities when those communities take the time to understand them and be apart of them in a meaningful and intentional way.

Naia hopes to continue studying the human-environment relationship, how we can best manage ourselves and our home, and the interplay between Topophilia, democracy, and Aspenization as we explore and attempt to move towards sustainable economies. She is interning on Y2Y's Alberta team for 8 weeks this summer.

When she's not interning with Y2Y, she is hiking in the mountains, volunteering for local environmental organizations, or working through her mountain of books!