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Lacy Robinson, Cabinet-Purcell Collaborative Coordinator

Trained as a wildlife biologist, Lacy Robinson received a Master’s degree in wildlife ecology from the University of Maine in 2006, focusing her studies on Canada lynx and snowshoe hares. Since then, she has spent countless days in the woods researching a wide range of species including wolverine, bighorn sheep, wolves, slugs, snails and amphibians.

In 2010, Lacy co-created the Multi-species Baseline Initiative (MBI), a five-year collaborative project to determine the status and distribution of 200 species of wildlife across a 23,000-square-kilometer study area centered on the Idaho Panhandle. As part of MBI, she led the winter bait station effort that catalogued the occurrence of 18 forest carnivore species, including wolverine, lynx, fisher, marten, grizzly bear and wolves.

Born in northeastern Washington, Lacy has lived in north Idaho since 2009. In 2011, she and her partner erected a yurt in a precarious spot on the east side of the Selkirk Mountains overlooking the Kootenai River valley. She is an avid mushroom hunter and spends much of each fall unsuccessfully hunting elk with her bow. Although this has largely led to a life as a vegetarian, she relishes the pre-dawn hikes up the hill with only the moon and the elk bugles to guide her.

Lacy is most interested in understanding ecological processes in order to best conserve ecosystems and their inhabitants. She believes we cannot separate ourselves from the place in which we live and it is therefore in our best interest to be responsible and respectful citizens of our ecological community.