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Bryan Hurlbutt

Bryan Hurlbutt

Bryan Hurlbutt is a Staff Attorney at Advocates for the West, a public interest environmental law firm based in Boise, Idaho. Bryan primarily represents the Idaho Conservation League in federal court litigation to restore and protect Idaho’s rivers, public lands, fish, and wildlife.

An Idaho native, Bryan grew up in Twin Falls, playing in the SnakeRiver canyon and mountains around Sun Valley. In 2004, Bryan graduated from Colorado College with a BA in physics. Bryan left the West to attend law school in New York City and graduated from Columbia Law School in 2010.

Bryan spends as much time as he can outdoors with his wife, two children, dog, and friends. In 2018, Bryan mapped and ran a trail marathon every month—January through December—visiting all 15 protected “wilderness areas” in Idaho by year’s end. He continues to plan and run an adventure marathon every month as a way to enjoy and bring awareness to beautiful, fragile ecosystems throughout the Western U.S. and wherever his travels take him.