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Alana Westwood, Science and Policy Analyst

Dr. Alana Westwood straddles the worlds of science and policy, blending her backgrounds in biology and philosophy to pursue more effective approaches to conservation.

As Y2Ys Science and Policy Analyst, Alana works with Canada’s top environmental scientists to provide advice about federal environmental policy through reports, public communications, and research articles. Building on her previous role with Evidence for Democracy, she synthesizes state-of-the-art science to help governments make better decisions.

Born in Winnipeg, Alana’s early career was split between wilderness canoe guiding and field research in the boreal forest. Despite relocating to Halifax in 2011, her interests remained firmly terrestrial. Her PhD research at Dalhousie University focused on the conservation of bird species at risk in the Canadian Maritimes, and she is a contributing scientist to the Boreal Avian Modelling Project. A plant nerd at heart, she teaches field botany at Dal and regularly gives guest lectures and walks about native flora.

A prolific writer, she has published work about science, policy, and oddball fiction for online and print venues across Canada and internationally. When not staring at a computer, you can find her rock climbing, canoeing, or trekking long distances with an unnecessarily heavy pack.

Learn more about Alana’s work at her personal website.