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Aerin Jacob - Conservation Scientist

Aerin Jacob | Y2Y Conservation InitiativeDr. Aerin Jacob has studied animal behaviour, forest and coastal ecology, and conservation biology across British Columbia, Alaska, East Africa, and Central America.

She is a 2016-18 Liber Ero Fellow, a program for outstanding early-career scientists to conduct and communicate applied research informing conservation and management in Canada.

Previously, Aerin was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Victoria, where her research focused on the social, economic, and environmental trade-offs associated with marine and coastal planning in BC’s Great Bear Rainforest and Sea.

She earned her PhD at McGill University, studying forest restoration strategies to support wildlife and local communities in Uganda. She was a member of the Sustainable Canada Dialogues, an initiative of Canadian researchers developing national climate change and sustainability solutions, and a 2015 Wilburforce Fellow, a network of conservation science leaders in western North America.

Aerin is active in science outreach, including storytelling, policy engagement, and supporting diversity in science. When she isn't thinking or talking about science, she can be found skiing, paddling, and looking under rocks.

Follow Aerin on Twitter: @aerin_j