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"I BELIEVE in a place where animals can thrive."
Rose Letwin, Wilburforce Foundation
Y2Y Funder since 1999


Y2Y Policies and Principles

Y2Y's guiding principles are used to plan and prioritize our work and to guide the evolution of the organization.

Privacy Policy

Y2Y has created guiding principles that we use to plan and prioritize our work and to guide the evolution of the organization.

Your rights as a donor are important to us, as is your knowing how carefully and effectively we use your donations. Y2Y follows the Association of Fundraising Professional’s Donor Bill of Rights. We also take your privacy very seriously. Click here to see our Privacy Policy

Other Policies and Principles

For specific policy documents, please see the sidebar links in this section, and the policies and principles below:

Please also see the following guiding principles that guide our work in all other capacities:

      • Y2Y uses best available appropriate science as a tool to identify conservation needs and support conservation outcomes.
      • Before undertaking scientific research, Y2Y first assesses the conservation issues, analyzes existing science, determines objectives, decides Y2Y's appropriate role, and determines the most efficient and strategic plan to address the issue.
      • Y2Y works at the local scale only where the ecological significance is highest, where the threat and urgency are greatest, and where conservation capacity is limited.
      • Y2Y always strives to work cooperatively, flexibly, and in partnership with a diversity of stakeholders.
      • Y2Y works to reduce competition for attention and resources between Y2Y and our conservation implementation partners.
      • Y2Y always attempts to leverage our limited resources to achieve the maximum benefit for the least cost.
      • Y2Y tries to avoid redundancy, providing only programs that no one else is providing.
      • Y2Y strives to balance the top-down vs. bottom-up approach to conservation, providing support for grassroots efforts wherever possible to build local ownership and support for the Y2Y vision.
      • Y2Y continues to advance leadership and remembers that our leadership is in service of the Mission and Vision.
      • Y2Y strives to keep the long-term in mind as we plan and develop, recognizing that the protection, stewardship and restoration of the Yellowstone to Yukon landscape is a never-ending need.
      • Y2Y knows that conservation is our bottom line, yet we recognize that social and economic considerations will both influence and benefit from the achievement of the Yellowstone to Yukon vision.